Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A lot of changes

So I had a terrible 3 and a half weeks. For 2 1/2 of them I had a headache every day. I went to see the doctor and she gave me a headache chart then that very same day my headaches decided to stop and a nasty cold began. I got a sore throat that burned everytime I swallowed and had tons of drainage that was sometimes so thick it made me gag, accompanied by a cough. Then because I had drainage I developed a ear ache so bad I wanted to stab a cue tip down my ear canal and dig out the pain. Course being the intelligent being I am I knew that would only make things worse. To top it all I felt like I had drunk an entire bottle of niquel. (I don't think that's spelled right).
Then Thomas too decided to get sick. He would break out in hives, had a cough, and gunk in his eyes. The Doctors decided that it was allergies and put him on Zertec. Soon after taking this Thomas's hives disapeared. However the gunk and cough stayed. He also was tugging at his ear a lot. so after visiting the doctor again they found out he had an ear infection and I was given permission to give him a higher dose of Zertec. And given advice on how to treat his eyes and cough. Which was saline spray and a humidifier. Unfortunatly Aaron's coughing gets worse with the humidifier so we can't use it when he's there. But boy did it get easier for Thomas and I to breathe when Aaron left for work and turned on the humidifier.
The doctor told me that if Thomas keeps getting ear infections we'll have to think about putting a tube in his ear. I want to avoid that as much as possible. Thomas would have to have it in his ear until he is four years old and he wouldn't be able to go swimming during that time. I just can't imagine Thomas having to be banned from his water. He loves water.
Well the same week I started this nasty cold Aaron's co-worker Monty and his family moved in. They're staying in Thomas's bedroom until they can get a house of their own. So, I've been busy trying to reorganize my house to accomidate our guests. Monty is a marine and his wife, Satomi is japanese. She has a little boy named Reyoku, I think. And they have a newborn baby girl, Alice. It's a tight squeeze for us all, but it helps that we get along great with each other.
Totally on a different note. Thomas is just so smart. Aaron was thouroughly impressed last night when Thomas put together the wooden train track by himself.
Also Aaron wanted Thomas potty trained so we got him a minature potty. At first he didn't want to sit on it at all but as time went by he would walk in while his daddy or mommy were sitting on the toilet and go sit on his own toilet. I thought this deserved some sort of praise or prize. So since he loved playing in the water whenever Aaron or I wash our hands, or what not, we decided to let him wash his hands and play in the water for a bit every time he sat on the toilet.
So, it's been a long month. Sorry I haven't written in a while but there's your update!