Friday, March 25, 2011

Tent and bath

Today we built a tent out of blankets. Using the brooms' stick we propped up the middle of the blanket to keep the middle from sagging. We also turned the couch backwards and set up some chairs to help hold up the blanket!

Thomas loved the blanket tent.....

...but he liked to grab the walls of the tent and suck his thumb more. I guess that's what I should expect when I make a tent out of his favorite type of blanket.

He just wouldn't leave the tent walls alone!

He soon decided to have a little fun and slid in and out of the tent.

I thought we were missing a campfire so I set up the nightlight in the tent as a make believe fire.

Here's how it looks without the flash making everything seem white! Yes the lamp glow's red! Perfect for a fireplace!

After camping I decided to give Thomas a bath. Here he is tasting the soap.

Now he's using the soap to wash his body!

Don't ask me why but Thomas likes to drink his own bath water!

He also likes to chew on his bath toys!

I almost got a smile without the fish in his mouth!
After his bath I drape a towl over his shoulders and he clings to it while walking into the bedroom to get dressed for bed.
After getting dressed and having his hair combed Thomas will brush his teeth for me!
Then it's back to the tent where he repeatedly walks in and out. The tent is sagging just enough to brush his hair everytime he walks through the doorway. As a result his hair is dry within seconds.
He tried to hide in the darkest corner but the camera found him anyway!
I guess Thomas was done with the tent because he toppled it while I was still inside. Luckily I saw the two chairs falling towards me and was able to defend myself. But even toppling the tent onto me wasn't enough. He then had to climb on top of the blankets and me while I tried to figure out how to worm my way out from under the blankets, chairs, and him with my pregnant belly.
After a while of playing on top of the tent Thomas must have realized what he'd done cause he tried to lift the chairs back up. They were too heavy for him and I was done playing tent and didn't offer to lend a hand. He grunted for a while then gave up and continued playing on the pile of blankets!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How Thomas Eats PB&J

First, and this is very important. Thomas will take off the hard outside crust so cut the sandwiches with a cool dinosaur shaped sandwich cutter. This will take off most of the crust. Spead on the peanut butter and the jelly stick them together and serve to Thomas.
Thomas will then peel the two sides away from each other. Taking the peanut butter side he holds it with one or both hands and push the center of the sandwich into his mouth. Sometimes just eating enough to eat off the peanut butter and little bit of jelly stuck to the bread. If he finds a crust piece he will peel it off and leave it on the plate. After eating that half of the sandwich from the center out he will then proceed to the jelly side. Eat it just the same as the peanut butter side. After both sides are thouroughly demolished he has a peanut butter and jelly face, hands, and sometimes shirt. Thomas will then proceed to do my favorite part of eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He will climb down from the table and walk into the kitchen. There he will wait by the sink for me to follow him into the kitchen, wet a rag and wipe down his hands and face. Then off he goes to play!
There you have it! The proper proceedings of eating a PB&J sandwich by Thomas!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thomas was being crazy! He first piled all his cars under the rocking horse and then sat on it and rocked out. It was funny to watch him. He rocked really hard forward and then back! I couldn't help laughing so I took some pictures. They aren't as good as seeing them in person but they're cute!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Keeping ourselves entertained

It's kinda boring without Aaron around in the evenings but Thomas and I find things to do together. In these pictures Thomas and I are coloring windows for St. Patrick's day. It's Thomas's second time coloring on the windows and he's already got better! However, it is the first time for me using Window Markers. For over a year I've only had Window Crayons then I found the markers and saw they had a wider variety of colors. Where the crayons only had red, yellow, green, blue, and black the markers had all those colors except black but they also had brown, orange, white and grey. This is my first time using them and I decided to mix the use of both to see how they looked together.
I think I've decided that orange is a better skin color than white when it comes to the markers.

I've also discovered Thomas's love for Toy story. He asks me every day if he can watch Toy story. It's pretty funny. I especially love watching his facial reactions to the movie. His favorite parts are usually with the dog in it, although he likes Toy Story 1 and 3 as well.
To answer Andi's question about my guests, no they're not staying with Thomas and I at the moment. Aaron and I discussed it and decided it wouldn't be appropriate for them to be staying with me when Aaron was away. Aaron invited them back when he get's back but I'm not sure that'll happen because Aaron will get back in about a month from when he left and then in April my sister's coming to visit. I don't think we'll have room for a family of three, a family of four and my sister. So, they'll have to stay in the place they're at.
Then there's the GREAT discovery! Aaron did an allergy test to see if we could discover what Thomas is allergic to out here. Funny enough we found out that Aaron is allergic to two common types of grass, corn, and either peanuts or peanut butter. I have to double check with the Dr. on that one. So, ha ha, Aaron's allergies have made life interesting. When he get's back we're gonna slowly eliminate corn products from his diet. Just so you can get an idea of what I'm gonna have to do go to your cupboards and look at the ingredients for the most common foods you eat. Look for anything that says Corn, or Citric Acid, Dextrose, Iodized Salt, Monosodium glutamate, or Dextrin/Matodextrin. Those are the ingredients I'm eliminating first because they are the ones that are the most common cause of the symptoms for those with corn allergies. I even have a list of symptoms that could be contributed to Aaron's corn intake. Funny enough as most of you might know Aaron has had a jumpy leg for a long time. His leg just won't stop moving, well, his corn allergy could be what's causing it. Along with all sorts of breathing problems and sinus problems he's had all through his life. Lol that's only the first step too! After I find out whether he's allergic to just Peanut butter or Peanuts I'm gonna have to try and eliminate those things as well.
Thankfully I haven't noticed any of these allergy symptoms in Thomas. When we found out Thomas was having allergy problems out here we also found out that it was something in the air that was causing it. The Dr. Told us that he could tell it was something he was breathing in by his symptoms. So, I believe Thomas is allergic to grass like his daddy and like my dad.
Well that's all for now!