Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Today was Halloween for us! We enjoyed carving a pumpkin, Thomas didn't want to touch the goop inside the pumpkin at all. When he got some on his chest he grumped wanting the stuff off of him. It was funny!
We then dressed up for halloween. I had made Thomas's monkey costume and he had fun holding the tail almost the whole night. Aaron was a monk and I was a Key! It was Karen's idea that I be a Key. We all thought it was a funny idea!
Thomas went trick or treating with Aaron. They weren't gone long and when they returned Aaron and Thomas sat down next to me in the downstairs lobby to pass out candy. We soon discovered that Thomas took great pleasure in taking candy out of the bowl and putting it in other children's bags. We had a blast letting him hand out candy and we got many comments about how cute he was!
We stayed downstairs until almost all our candy was gone then we headed back upstairs where Thomas almost immediatly fell asleep and Aaron soon afterwards. Now I'm just letting you all know how Thomas's first trick or treating went and then I'll be off to bed!
Love ya'll hope you tell me how your trick or treating goes!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just so that people know I found out this week that I'm pregnant.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fun with bandana's
So, I was getting dressed in my room when Thomas came up to me and wanted to play with the things on my dresser. One of them was a bandana. So I strapped the bandana on his head and told him to go show daddy. Off he went, like a rocket, to show daddy. Aaron thought it was the best thing ever and got the camera out and took picutres. So here's our little hippie boy.

For family home evening that same day we colored on pieces of paper Aaron thought the crayons were a good tool to use on Thomas's diaper. Thus the diaper shot.