Monday, January 31, 2011

Ultra Ultrasound!

So I finally got an ultrasound with a better ultrasound and it's been confirmed that I'm having a boy.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Doctor's visit

So, I went to the Doctors yesterday for a regular OB check up and they checked me in like normal, then the nurse got the device to check the baby's heartbeat.
After searching for a good 5 minutes he still couldn't find it. He left me in the room saying that they might have to use an ultrasound.
At this point I wasn't too worried I resoned that the baby couldn't have gone anywhere after all there was only one way for the baby to come out.
The Doctor came in and picking up the same device proceeded to look for the baby's heartbeat. After a while of searching frustrating thoughts with the possibility that the baby died kept beating at the side of my mind. I kept pushing them away.
The doctor then left and returned with the Ultrasound machine. We would just have to find the baby that way and look at his/her heart. As soon as the machine turned on up popped the picture of the baby moving crazily about. I think he/she was celebrating having successfully avoided the heart detector. But he/she couldn't hide from the ultrasound. The doctor saw the baby's heart beating perfectly fine and took a picture for me. I then asked if he could determine the gender yet. He checked and said it definatly looks like a girl. But, after switching the camera said, "But that could be a penus right there."
I sighed, a little frustrated, but he explained to me that the ultrasound at the clinic isn't top of the line. But the one at the hospital is and they will be able to tell me the gender. Apparently I needed to make an apointment with them so they can measure all sorts of things on the baby anyway. So, as soon as I can I'll let you know the gender. I would post the ultrasound picture but the printer isn't working with the computer right now so I'll post it later! But as a side note. It looks like where Thomas has a rounded face this baby's face is more angular like his/her dad.