Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A lot of changes

So I had a terrible 3 and a half weeks. For 2 1/2 of them I had a headache every day. I went to see the doctor and she gave me a headache chart then that very same day my headaches decided to stop and a nasty cold began. I got a sore throat that burned everytime I swallowed and had tons of drainage that was sometimes so thick it made me gag, accompanied by a cough. Then because I had drainage I developed a ear ache so bad I wanted to stab a cue tip down my ear canal and dig out the pain. Course being the intelligent being I am I knew that would only make things worse. To top it all I felt like I had drunk an entire bottle of niquel. (I don't think that's spelled right).
Then Thomas too decided to get sick. He would break out in hives, had a cough, and gunk in his eyes. The Doctors decided that it was allergies and put him on Zertec. Soon after taking this Thomas's hives disapeared. However the gunk and cough stayed. He also was tugging at his ear a lot. so after visiting the doctor again they found out he had an ear infection and I was given permission to give him a higher dose of Zertec. And given advice on how to treat his eyes and cough. Which was saline spray and a humidifier. Unfortunatly Aaron's coughing gets worse with the humidifier so we can't use it when he's there. But boy did it get easier for Thomas and I to breathe when Aaron left for work and turned on the humidifier.
The doctor told me that if Thomas keeps getting ear infections we'll have to think about putting a tube in his ear. I want to avoid that as much as possible. Thomas would have to have it in his ear until he is four years old and he wouldn't be able to go swimming during that time. I just can't imagine Thomas having to be banned from his water. He loves water.
Well the same week I started this nasty cold Aaron's co-worker Monty and his family moved in. They're staying in Thomas's bedroom until they can get a house of their own. So, I've been busy trying to reorganize my house to accomidate our guests. Monty is a marine and his wife, Satomi is japanese. She has a little boy named Reyoku, I think. And they have a newborn baby girl, Alice. It's a tight squeeze for us all, but it helps that we get along great with each other.
Totally on a different note. Thomas is just so smart. Aaron was thouroughly impressed last night when Thomas put together the wooden train track by himself.
Also Aaron wanted Thomas potty trained so we got him a minature potty. At first he didn't want to sit on it at all but as time went by he would walk in while his daddy or mommy were sitting on the toilet and go sit on his own toilet. I thought this deserved some sort of praise or prize. So since he loved playing in the water whenever Aaron or I wash our hands, or what not, we decided to let him wash his hands and play in the water for a bit every time he sat on the toilet.
So, it's been a long month. Sorry I haven't written in a while but there's your update!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! Aaron, Thomas and I went to a district Thanksgiving party so thankfully I didn't have to cook a turkey! It wasn't a very fun party as Aaron had a headache the whole time. Thomas seemed to have fun, though. We wandered around the school halls, where the party was being held, and eventually ended up outside where we were able to visit with a couple of dogs. Thomas was overly excited about the dogs and the big ones excited jumping made Thomas giggle, squirm, and run a ways away before coming immediatly back to view the dog some more.
Eventually we had to leave the dogs and Thomas was not a happy camper. But he brightened up when he saw all the kids at the district party playing with frizbees and balls. We let him play for a bit before we headed home. All in all with chasing Thomas all over the place and eating turkey I wasn't able to get pictures in. Sorry! I'll do better for Christmas.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Well I had my first Dr's apt today and here are some pictures we got of our little alien! For some reason both Thomas and this baby looked like aliens. I've seen ultrasound babies who don't look like aliens but I guess Aaron just makes them all alien looking. BTW the Dr. and the Nurse both think this baby's a boy, they're not positive but they were pretty sure they saw a "hot dog", as they put it, in many of the positions they looked at the baby in. Right anyway. Wish you're all doing well!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Murder Mystery Dinner

I went to a murder mystery dinner as a Librarian/Detective. I was most proud of my glasses. I had gone to a glasses store to see how much frames and a chain would cost. I picked them out and she told me the price. My jaw dropped it was over $100 for just the frames and the chain. I thought I'd ask just in case, how much the frames cost, over $80. There was no chance I was going to get those for just a costume. So I inspected the chain and knew what I needed to do.
Going into the P.X. I searched for secretarial looking sunglasses, then I bought a plain gold chain to match, last I went to the hair section and bought mini rubber bands. When I got home I fashioned my glasses. Still proud of how they turned out.
Then I couldn't help myself. After the party I placed the glasses on Thomas and it was just so funny I couldn't help but laugh at it. So, I included pictures of Thomas wearing my glasses!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Today was Halloween for us! We enjoyed carving a pumpkin, Thomas didn't want to touch the goop inside the pumpkin at all. When he got some on his chest he grumped wanting the stuff off of him. It was funny!
We then dressed up for halloween. I had made Thomas's monkey costume and he had fun holding the tail almost the whole night. Aaron was a monk and I was a Key! It was Karen's idea that I be a Key. We all thought it was a funny idea!
Thomas went trick or treating with Aaron. They weren't gone long and when they returned Aaron and Thomas sat down next to me in the downstairs lobby to pass out candy. We soon discovered that Thomas took great pleasure in taking candy out of the bowl and putting it in other children's bags. We had a blast letting him hand out candy and we got many comments about how cute he was!
We stayed downstairs until almost all our candy was gone then we headed back upstairs where Thomas almost immediatly fell asleep and Aaron soon afterwards. Now I'm just letting you all know how Thomas's first trick or treating went and then I'll be off to bed!
Love ya'll hope you tell me how your trick or treating goes!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just so that people know I found out this week that I'm pregnant.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fun with bandana's
So, I was getting dressed in my room when Thomas came up to me and wanted to play with the things on my dresser. One of them was a bandana. So I strapped the bandana on his head and told him to go show daddy. Off he went, like a rocket, to show daddy. Aaron thought it was the best thing ever and got the camera out and took picutres. So here's our little hippie boy.

For family home evening that same day we colored on pieces of paper Aaron thought the crayons were a good tool to use on Thomas's diaper. Thus the diaper shot.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today Thomas helped me put away dishes.
He often gets in my dishwasher and plays with the silverware and it got me thinking. The next time I did dishes I set up a stepping stool next to the silverware drawer. After showing him what to do he got eagerly to work. Taking one piece of silverware from the dishwasher at a time he would step up on the stool and place it in the drawer.
I had to fix the drawer afterwards but I didn't mind. I was able to finish putting away dishes from the top part of the dishwasher by the time he finished. And when I started putting away the plates he insisted on helping. So, one by one he would pull out plates and I would put them away. Next the pans and any other things on the bottom of the dishwasher. Needless to say, we both had fun!

Monday, August 23, 2010

We built a blanket Tent! It was lots of fun! Thomas was the only one who could stand up straight in it. As you can see he loved it!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

We went to the beach this week. Had a great time. Aaron and his co-worker/friend David went snorkling I wasn't able to take pictures until they got back! Thomas had fun eating the sand, which was more minature sea shells than anything. He also began to enjoy the water for the first time. He discovered if he swung his legs out behind him we would go forward and if he swung his legs in front of himself we would take him backwards. Thomas didn't get a sunburn cause I remembered sunblock for him. But Aaron and I got it bad. I accidently scratched my sunburn against something sharp and although it wasn't deep enough for blood to come out I did get a lot of clear goop slowing coming out. Aaron says that means my sunburn's bad. Lol I could've told him my sunburn was bad just by how it feels! Thomas enjoyed playing with a volley ball we brought. We played monkey in the middle. It was great when Thomas was in the middle cause he would get to lunge here and there and he loved it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We went to a snake museum and saw the largest snake ever.

This is a picture of the Habu snake that's native to our island.

The striking distance of the Habu is so much greater than that of the Cobra that I think I understand now why they're so feared.

After viewing the museum for a short bit we went to watch the snake show. All of it was in Japanese so we couldn't understand anything but from her actions I've understood this much.

First she brought out a snake, not sure what type, in a glass cage. Then she produced a stick with two fork like points at one end. On each of the points there was a balloon, one pink the other white. It looked like they were filled with some water. After watching what she did with them I assumed the water was to keep them from flying all over the place.

Opening the top of the glass cage she stuck the stick in, balloons first. She held the stick so that the white balloon was in front of the snake and the pink balloon was hiding from the snakes view behind the white balloon. The snake was coiled and ready to strike but didn't move. Pulling the balloons out she flipped them around and stuck them back in the cage with the pink balloon in front and the white behind it. Immediatly the snake struck again and again until she withdrew the balloons. She flipped them around and again the snake was wary but docile in the face of the white balloon. Flipping again the snake struck at the pink balloon succeeding in popping it. Unfortunatly for me the language barrier is great so all I got out of that lesson was don't wear pink around snakes. Which is fine by me because I don't like to wear pink much.

The lady brought out a different snake and she put it on the stage floor. This snake looked like a cobra. Raising her foot she mimiced stepping towards the snake, and the snake backed up as if it were about to strike. She did this again and again saying things I couldn't understand to the audience. Then she swung her right hand behind her back over her head all the way around until it connected with the back of the snakes head. I was shocked the snake didn't strike her hand. But she did that again and again. What I got from this lesson was that this particular snake didn't have much of a field of vision.

Well, after the show. She spoke to the audience as she pointed to some arrows pointing towards the stage and then going to the other side of the stage pointed to another set of arrows leading away from the stage. I guessed she wanted us to line up. As I watched other people line up I glanced towards the stage and saw her produce an extremely large snake. People then came up one by one and getting the snake placed on their sholders they got their pictures taken with the snake. Aaron and I thought, why not? Lol I didn't anticipate Thomas's reaction. I thought he would just ignore the snake. I was wrong. We didn't have the snake on our shoulders for more than a few seconds before he started screaming and crying. I tried to calm Thomas down while telling the ladies that they can forget the pictures because the snake was scaring my son and I'd rather him be happy then have a picture of him screaming in it. But of course there's that language barrier and she took two pictures before they took the snake off our shoulders. So, here are the pictures.