Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! Aaron, Thomas and I went to a district Thanksgiving party so thankfully I didn't have to cook a turkey! It wasn't a very fun party as Aaron had a headache the whole time. Thomas seemed to have fun, though. We wandered around the school halls, where the party was being held, and eventually ended up outside where we were able to visit with a couple of dogs. Thomas was overly excited about the dogs and the big ones excited jumping made Thomas giggle, squirm, and run a ways away before coming immediatly back to view the dog some more.
Eventually we had to leave the dogs and Thomas was not a happy camper. But he brightened up when he saw all the kids at the district party playing with frizbees and balls. We let him play for a bit before we headed home. All in all with chasing Thomas all over the place and eating turkey I wasn't able to get pictures in. Sorry! I'll do better for Christmas.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Well I had my first Dr's apt today and here are some pictures we got of our little alien! For some reason both Thomas and this baby looked like aliens. I've seen ultrasound babies who don't look like aliens but I guess Aaron just makes them all alien looking. BTW the Dr. and the Nurse both think this baby's a boy, they're not positive but they were pretty sure they saw a "hot dog", as they put it, in many of the positions they looked at the baby in. Right anyway. Wish you're all doing well!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Murder Mystery Dinner

I went to a murder mystery dinner as a Librarian/Detective. I was most proud of my glasses. I had gone to a glasses store to see how much frames and a chain would cost. I picked them out and she told me the price. My jaw dropped it was over $100 for just the frames and the chain. I thought I'd ask just in case, how much the frames cost, over $80. There was no chance I was going to get those for just a costume. So I inspected the chain and knew what I needed to do.
Going into the P.X. I searched for secretarial looking sunglasses, then I bought a plain gold chain to match, last I went to the hair section and bought mini rubber bands. When I got home I fashioned my glasses. Still proud of how they turned out.
Then I couldn't help myself. After the party I placed the glasses on Thomas and it was just so funny I couldn't help but laugh at it. So, I included pictures of Thomas wearing my glasses!