Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lots of pics

I keep intending on putting these pictures on the blog but I keep forgetting. So here I'm gonna just put them all together for you.

You remember when Aaron and I first went to the snake Museum Thomas was none too happy to have a snake around our shoulders but then here is a recent picture of when we went with his Aunt Liesel and he just was so thrilled he jumped right on stage and ran to me so he could be in the picture.

I've been told that Passport pictures aren't that cute but I thought Kays was just darn cute.

Grandma Decker sent us cute outfits for both Thomas and Kay and I thought it'd be fun to put pictures of them wearing them on the blog. This first one was the cutest of Kay in this outfit.

Here's Kay in that same outfit but he's yawning.

Here's another outfit.

and then a cute picture of Thomas next to Kay playing peek-a-boo with the camera.

I liked Kay's Tigger outfit!

It looked cute on him!

In this picture Thomas was playing peek-a-boo with the camera again and I just happen to get this funny shot out of it.

This is also a picture of Thomas's new outfit from Grandma. In case you can't see the white badge on his shirt says, "Property of Mom".

Ok, so, funny story here. I was busy with something when Aaron was home and Kay started to cry. I couldn't pick him up so I rushed to finish what I was doing. Then Kay stopped crying. I went to get Kay when I was done and this is what I found.

Yes ladies and gentlemen...

Aaron was letting Kay....

Suck on his ear...

Like a passifier!

You all have a weird Son/Brother/Nephew!